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Jessica has been a vital member of our back office team since February of 2015. She’s a lot of fun to be around and her enthusiasm pulls up the energy level in any room she enters. Her dedication and genuine compassion for her patients are immediately evident. It’s easy to see why her patient’s love her so much!
Immediately following Hurricane Harvey’s devastation in Texas, Floridians are preparing for the strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded. Hurricane Irma’s path is still literally up in the air but experts agree that at least one of Florida’s coastlines is in very real peril. South Georgia is also bracing for impact. Savannah residents and other costal citizens are racing for the stores to stock up on food, water and emergency supplies. Without knowing which course Irma will take, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. Metro Atlanta isn’t predicted to fall in Irma’s warpath but with current wind speeds topping 180mph, North Georgia should prepare
Joining us just a few months ago in May, John is our newest member in the RUCC team. He’s clearly a fast learner and very willing to help out in a bind! We are lucky to call him part of the Roswell Urgent Care family.
Visit FEMA’s Hurricane Harvey page for more information.
Congratulation to our first Owl-Star! Christi has been a member of the RUCC Front Office Team since November, 2011. She has a sharp eye for detail that keeps her busy in her pursuit of perfection.