Most of us at some point in our lives have been told to stay hydrated while being sick, but why? The human body is composed of about 60% water. This means that the lack of water can have some pretty serious side effects and those side effects can be worse when sick. Did you know that dehydration is the primary cause for daytime fatigue? That 2:30 feeling? Yeah, you don’t need more coffee you need more water. Now think of how you feel when you are sick. Are you tired, or fatigued? Help this fatigue by staying hydrated. Hydration is also good for controlling a fever. When we have a fever we use more fluid than normal. Dehydration can cause a fever to worsen and create a trip to the hospital in more serious causes. Another little known fact is that proper hydration during an infection can help with body secretions. That thick gross mucus you have from that sinus infection can be thinned and expelled easier by the boy if it is properly hydrated.

Why Do You Need to Drink Plenty of Water When Sick?